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Quality Policy

Quality first, continuous improvement, client trust, creating mutual value

In order to provide our clients with dependable quality, we comply with the international standards of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, IECQ QC080000, and HSF in creating comprehensive quality management systems. We require all management tasks to be conducted under standardized systems in order to prevent mismanagement, immediately correcting and improving exception incidents so that quality is under constant improvement. The company determines general quality goals and items of implementation at an annual management review committee.

J&T Quality Policy

HSF Policy

Legal compliance, green products, client satisfaction

The company obtained IECQ QC 080000:2017 Hazardous Substance Process Management certification in January 2018. We strive to continuously improve our technology and experience, utilizing non-hazardous materials to produce green products that meet our client's requirements. In compliance with international environmental protection regulations, all parts that are purchased/contracted and all materials provided by sub-part suppliers/contractors obtained by J&T Flex Technology do not contain hazardous substances that comply with RoHS and our client's green product specification guidelines. We have specifically established green product operation guidelines and work to reduce the use of hazardous materials to reduce environmental impact.

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