Greenhouse Gases Inspection
Corporate Social Responsibility / Greenhouse Gases Inspection

In 2010, J&T Flex Technology completed our first greenhouse gases inspection with 3rd party verification in compliance with ISO14064-1; in June 2022, we completed internal investigation operations. Greenhouse gases are separated into 3 categories with category 1 (direct greenhouse gas emissions) and category 2 (indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy) being qualitative and quantitative investigations while category 3 (other indirect greenhouse gas emissions) is only investigated qualitatively.

The total greenhouse gas emissions of J&T Flex Technology in 2022  3,361 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. The primary emission source was indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy (category 2) or in other words, externally purchased electricity that accounted for 99.4% of total emissions and equal to 3,342 carbon dioxide equivalents. Direct greenhouse gas emissions (category 1) accounted for 0.6% of total emissions and was equal to 19 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Category 1Category 2

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