Health and Environment Safety Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility / Health and Environment Safety Policy

Health and Environment Safety Policy

1、Cleaner production, generate green products
2、Clearer classifications to minimize pollution
3、Reuse resources and transform energy to wealth
4、Improve manufacturing processes for zero workplace injuries
5、Comply with laws and commitment to RoHS

In order to address global warming and delay the impact of climate change, this company upholds the principles of environmental protection and safe health management simultaneously with economic advancement and has implemented various controls for environmental pollution and prevention of work injuries and disease. We are continuously introducing improvements to energy conservation, resource conservation, decreasing waste, and reducing hazards. The company is assertive in implementing measures for pollution prevention, reducing industrial waste, and environmental protection; on February 24, 2017, J&T passed certifications ISO14001:2015 for environmental management systems and ISO45001:2018 for occupational health and safety management systems. We have proposed the following commitments to protecting the environment and dedicated our actions to protecting society and the environment, doing our duty and upholding our commitment to society, and achieving our goals of sustainable operations.

We are committed to: cleaner production, generating green products, using clearer classifications to minimize pollution, reusing resources and transforming energy to wealth, improving manufacturing processes for zero workplace injuries, complying with all laws and upholding our commitment to RoHS.

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